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Top 3 Reasons NOT to Miss the QRCA LATAM Virtual Conference this Month!

The QRCA is bringing Latin America to you! The first ever QRCA LATAM virtual conference Unlocking Qualitative Research Insights in Latin America is taking place on September 28th. For researchers and brands, it means an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of qualitative research in Latin America (LATAM) with seasoned professionals from diverse countries.

At this virtual conference, our presenters will share best practices, how to navigate the cultural nuances of this growing region, explore multicultural challenges, as well as share how to stay ahead of the latest trends and the use of AI in multicultural research. QRCA events are known for building communities, having interactive sessions, and sharing expertise with the research community, this will also be an excellent way to connect with industry experts, exchange experiences, and gain valuable knowledge!

Open to members and non-members of QRCA, this event is a must-attend for professionals and agencies in the field, whether already working in Latin America (including Brazil) or interested in qualitative research in the region.

“QRCA is a global network of qualitative research professionals, including market research, UX, CX, sociologists, ethnographers, linguists, social media and other qualitative experts, and the resource for elevating qualitative research expertise at all levels, where members network and share best practices, trends and technology, and take advantage of unique educational content.”

There are several reasons to attend these events, however, here are the top three:

First, better understand QRCA, and how QRCA can help elevate qualitative research expertise at all levels

Attendees will learn about the QRCA journey, and how we got to be a leading organization in the qualitative world and how QRCA can help your business.

Second, learn from experts

This virtual conference is pleased to have presenters representing Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Spain and the U.S. Below is an overview of the sessions, some described by the speakers.

Dr. Guido Lara will talk about Present and Future of Qualitative Research

As researchers we know the importance of understanding the social interaction when analyzing and interpreting language. However, it is also important to develop skills that incorporate ethnography, conversation analysis, and semiotics. This session will focus on some of the new challenges based on artificial intelligence when it comes to language.

Leandro Izquierdo will present How are we as Latin Americans?

His presentation is based on “a study to understand the opinions and perspectives that Latin Americans may have regarding different situations, delving into their way of thinking, attitudes, and general lifestyle.” His presentation will be based on a study with participants in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru and how the priorities and behaviors of Latinos have changed after the pandemic. The results about perceptions related to the future, role of brands and more, provide opportunities for deeper conversations.

Olivia Tykocki will share about The Language of Diversity in Latin America

Based on qualitative studies conducted by Sago in Latin America, this presentation will focus on ways to reach new markets in Latin America (excluding Brazil), the importance of understanding the local cultures in obtaining authentic insights, challenges encountered when working in multicultural markets, the importance of communication, and much more.

Jaime Solorzano will share his expertise about Gen Alpha Insights – Artificial Intelligence Bulletin Board; LATAM & Spain

The Generation Alpha continues to grow significantly, representing about “11 percent of the global workforce”. This presentation will be based on a qualitative/quantitative study conducted in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. Some of the focus will be on Gen Alpha’s lifestyle, interests, values such as family, friends, study, religion and spirituality, technology, and shopping behaviors. This Case Study is based on an innovative approach “using online bulletin board with some moderation assisted by robots and complementary analysis based on artificial intelligence.”

Graziela Rodrigues and Pedro de Araujo Carrança will present Papo reto’ (straight talk): Peculiarities of Qualitative Research in Brazil – Cultural Nuances

It’s crucial to understand the country’s cultural and language nuances. Something that must be considered in Brazil is the verbal cultural tradition, and its impact on how we obtain insights and how we use it to communicate. “Brazil is one of the biggest users of tools such as stories and reels, in addition to having a large presence on TikTok. This context implies a naturalness to share information, present ways of life and report experiences in a very vivid and non-invasive way, the best combination for those who need to become familiar with a certain culture.” The presenters will also share some myths associated with Brazilians when it comes to culture, language and how these influence shopping behaviors.

Sidi Lemine will share about Using Emotion Recognition AI to Support Multicultural

Like many of us know AI is here to stay, but do we know its impact on multicultural research?
This session will explore how to let go of bias in multi-market research, as well as potential threats and how to better handle translation, moderation, and analysis in a multicultural market, in an authentic way by removing bias, and more, “which means the correct handling of data structure in preparation for AI analysis and the correct selection of tools is paramount.”

Daniel Berkal will present about Utilizing AI for Quallies: Practical Tips Beyond the Hype

This session will share real-world suggestions for leveraging AI designing a proposal, creating brainstorming sessions, collecting data, as well as analyzing it. “Uncover valuable insights and learn how AI can drive innovation, streamline processes, and overcome ethical challenges. Engage in discussions and gain actionable takeaways to incorporate AI in your qualitative research practices.”

Third, a spotlight in Latin America

Spanish is known to be the second most native language spoken in the world. With a spotlight in Latin America, this conference will share practical suggestions on how to navigate challenges, cultural nuances, the latest trends, and the impact of AI in multicultural research with a focus in not only Spanish speaking countries but also in Brazil, a growing market research region.

The QRCA LATAM event will take place on September 28th from 10AM – 2PM CDT (Chicago/Bogota), 9 AM – 1 PM Mexico City, 12 PM – 4 PM São Paulo time.

For more detailed information on any of the sessions and to learn more about the speakers please visit the registration page with conference information in English, Spanish or Portuguese by simply scanning the QR code to register. Live interpretation in English, Spanish, and/or Portuguese will be provided during each session.


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