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Should the Elements 📭Panel Be from the Left or Right?✔️ —

All editors can be divided into 2 types: email is from the left, edit panel is from the right or vice versa in

Each approach has its advantages. When we just started, many people were writing to us:

1. Make an email template first, then a panel. After all, we are used to reading from left to right and to the fact that the main thing should be earlier than the secondary, and the email is more important than the settings. Look, for example, at photoshop (!). That’s what I like.


2. Others said that all the modern menu sites are done to the left, here you also need to do the navigation to the left and place the control panel there. In general, pulling from left to right is more convenient.

To whom that, but the idea of «from left to right» is closer to me.

We decided not to argue and made it possible to place the panel in any direction. Anyway, we are developing the editor so that it can be built into any site or any system, and hence the position of the panel should be configured. But this will be a separate post.

By the way, for mobile users, we generally made it possible to minimize the panel to the size of the icon, so as not to interfere with editing the text.

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