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This Amazon Prime Video Campaign Nailed Cultural Relevance

Amazon Prime Video is a popular streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV shows, movies and documentaries to its subscribers. In 2022, the company partnered with Insight Publicis to launch its services in Nigeria as part of Prime Video’s expansion plans across the EMEA region. The objectives: create awareness, increase customer subscriptions and make the brand appealing to a new range of consumers.

By tapping into cultural nuances, recognizable talent within the Nigerian community itself and local media buys, the “Japa to Prime Video” campaign was impactful in making the brand locally relevant and effectively established the platform as the only place to go when looking for quality curated content.

The strategy

Market and consumer research revealed that the market was at a nascent stage and there was a low adoption rate, which meant that switching was crucial. The consumer insights revealed that 71% of Nigeria’s population is under 35 years and the pressures on the average Nigerian consumer in this demographic (i.e.: inflation and unemployment).

The campaign idea was built around the insight of “escape,” locally known as “Japa,” a term that represents the reality of most Nigerian youth who are looking to travel to other countries for a better life. Through this idea, we demonstrated that Amazon’s Prime Video is a Swiss Army knife for those looking to escape; messaging encouraged consumers to choose better for themselves and established the platform as the go-to when looking for quality curated content.

“Japa to Prime Video” messaging played two roles. The first was convincing consumers to escape to the platform for quality content and the second encouraging consumers to switch over from competitor streaming platforms.

The execution

The campaign launched with an entertaining viral stunt using an unexpected Nigerian influencer, Davido, to spark a viral conversation on Twitter. Davido is one of Africa’s and Nigeria’s biggest Afrobeats musicians, known for his unique sound and connection with millennials and Gen Z. He’s arguably one of the most loved musicians in Nigeria because of his generosity and philanthropy. For reference, he has a famous quote: “We rise by lifting others.”

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