Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Facing the Next Frontier of Research with Julian Dailly, Lenny Murphy, and Gregg Archibald

What does the future of market research hold in a world of ever-evolving AI technology?

In this episode, our panel of industry experts discuss synthetic respondents, the balance between human analysis and machine learning, and the upskilling of researchers in the face of disruptive change. As AI promises efficiency and scalability, the dialogue balances automation with human insights, ensuring research remains insightful and actionable. Envisioning AI as a potent disruptor, the panel explores their optimism for improved accuracy, scalability, and industry innovation. Join us to explore AI’s role in shaping market research’s future – are you prepared for the transformation?

You can reach out to Julian on LinkedIn

You can reach out to Gregg on LinkedIn

You can reach out to Lenny on LinkedIn

Many thanks to Julian, Gregg, and Lenny for being our guests. Thanks also to our producer, Natalie Pusch; our editor, James Carlisle; and this episode’s sponsor, SurveyMonkey.

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