Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Bridging the Gap with SurveyMonkey’s ‘Ask, Listen, Act’ Protocol

Is AI the missing link in creating personalized marketing experiences?

In this episode, Lara Belonogoff, Senior Director of Brand Management at SurveyMonkey, discusses the synergy between AI and marketing through the “ask, listen, act” protocol. This transformative approach emphasizes understanding stakeholders, meticulous idea vetting, and data-driven strategies. Lara exemplifies SurveyMonkey’s AI-powered insights, showcasing the balance between AI and human sensibilities for effective decision-making. The conversation underscores the significance of informed choices driven by data and empathetic customer understanding. Lara’s insights into the success of the “ask, listen, act” campaign highlight AI’s potential to enhance a culture of responsiveness, offering a concise yet panoramic view of AI’s pivotal role in research and its integration with human attention.

You can reach out to Lara on LinkedIn.

Many thanks to Lara for being our guest. Thanks also to our producer, Natalie Pusch; our editor, James Carlisle; and this episode’s sponsor, SurveyMonkey.

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