Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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New Bing Chat Features Coming Including Memory, Code Improvements & More Characters

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Microsoft is working on bringing more and more features to Bing Chat. Some of these new features that are being worked on, some actually being tested now, include Bing Chat having a memory of what you asked for previously, code improvements and more character support.

Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing, hinted at these changes on Twitter/X this weekend. He was asked, “any chance we can have on Bing:”

(1) More characters on Bing?

(2) Custom Prompts like ChatGPT to put some information that we would like Bing to remember?

(3) A system like Google Bard that uses Python to answer some questions? Especially math.

Mikhail Parakhin replied saying, “All are coming, #2 we are doing something cooler (actual memory, flighting already), 1 and 3 should start flighting soon.”

What is this “memory” thing? When he was asked for more details, he said “You’ll see soon.”

It seems someone has access to this memory feature, here it is:

Also, part of the code improvements include a code interpreter but he said “It will be implemented eventually, but some months away because of the security concerns.”

Here are those tweets:

Forum discussion at Twitter/X.

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