Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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Curiosity Releases First Work for Dude Wipes Encouraging People to Drop their Drawers

Dude Wipes is encouraging men to drop their drawers to get the best clean for their butts in the first work from agency of record Curiosity.

“Best Clean, Pants Down” utilizes an ’80s-style jingle to accompany comical scenes of men dropping their pants in public places in an effort to show that the flushable wipe brand is the best way to get your butt clean. It includes people riding pantsless on Segway scooters, a traffic cop working with his pants down and a bunch of people dropping drawers in front of a nude statue at a museum.

The playful campaign marks the independent agency’s first integrated brand work for Dude Wipes since being named its AOR in September 2022, and it shows that the Mark Cuban-backed brand is staking its claim as a top player in the wipes category.

“Our brand is all about fun, light-hearted humor, so when Curiosity approached us with this angle, we thought it would capture the essence of our brand perfectly,” Ryan Meegan, co-founder and CMO of Dude Wipes, told Adweek.

Meegan continued that the jingle and music in “Drop Your Drawers” has been impossible to get out of their heads and that he and the agency hope the same holds true for consumers once they hear it.

“Best Clean, Pants Down” features two 30-second spots highlighting the many advantages of flushable wipes, making dry, traditional toilet paper the butt of the joke. The anthem spot is a spoof on the upbeat CPG ads of the 1980s. The spot insinuates that men’s hindquarters are so clean, showing off their tighty whities is encouraged.

The second spot, “Re-Learning to Wipe,” uses a classroom setting and cleverly arranged pairs of balloons to address common questions and myths about flushable wipes. Chris Woods of Method & Madness directed both spots.

“Both spots are the perfect mix of our authentic Dude humor and at the same time educational on why wet Dude Wipes are a better solution than dry toilet paper for a complete confident clean,” said Meegan.

While Dude Wipes target men 18 to 44, the brand also looks to appeal to women in the same age range who are often the household’s primary purchasers of hygiene products.

A clean matchup of brand and agency

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