Monday, September 25, 2023

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User Spotlight: Interview with Luis Diaz

Hello hello, Funnel Hackers!

The ClickFunnels User Spotlight series keeps setting new records for inspiration and excitement. We have the privilege to welcome Luis Diaz as our amazing guest today. Luis is an inspiration for change in addition to being a podcaster, author, and entrepreneur. Through his company, he gives ambitious business owners the tools they need to start and grow their podcasts through a well-planned coaching program.

Luis’s journey is proof of the effectiveness of adaptation and reinvention. Having previously excelled as an online fitness trainer, he now dedicates himself to guiding individuals in creating captivating content, attracting a steady stream of listeners, and monetizing their podcasts.

Why podcasting?

“I realized very early on that I sucked at video and sucked at writing. So, it was a funny realization because I hated the other two mediums. Podcasting was my main medium for getting my first couple of clients online and building my then online fitness business. So I took a 12 dollars course and learned everything with it, and then I started to learn and grow from a lot of failures and mistakes”.

The power of self-awareness and the guidance of a remarkable mentor have awakened his understanding of the necessity to shift from the realm of online fitness entrepreneurship and dedicate himself entirely to podcasting. It’s crucial for us to truly heed our instincts and gracefully release things once their purpose has been fulfilled. With that in mind, it becomes evident that we all require a mentor on our journey toward success, don’t we?

Giveaway funnels and the book-a-call funnels have both delivered excellent results for Luis and his company. It’s interesting to note that the simplest funnels frequently have the highest conversion rates. This demonstrates the strength and efficiency of these strategies, leaving us inspired by the possibilities that they offer for companies in different industries. 

You must watch this episode, and keep an eye out for others to come!

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