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GTM 50: Solving the Age Old Problem, A Sales & Marketing Misalignment with Nicole Wojno Smith

Nicole is the VP of Marketing at Tackle, where she oversees the strategy and execution across brand, demand gen, content, product, customer, and partner marketing. She’s passionate about building GTM programs aligning cross-functional teams while scaling revenue. Before Tackle, she built and scaled the marketing team from the ground up at two previous SaaS companies.She enjoys advising early-stage SaaS companies as they build their marketing team and strategy.

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What you will learn

  • The importance of taking ownership as a business and leaning on your team for support
  • Building the strongest possible cross functional team in order to collectively tackle the problem you’re solving
  • Nicole’s 4-part framework: 1 shared revenue goal, executing integrated campaigns across the org, and a multi touch attribution model
  • The importance of Infusing an integrated theme across the organization


(3:17) The meaning of alignment between sales, marketing, & partnerships

(5:35) The framework Nicole built to create better alignment between sales & marketing

(11:03) How to extract data and diagnose a breakdown where problems are happening

(13:10) The impact on Nicole’s company after rolling out her framework

(16:08) What led Nicole to make changes within the sales and marketing org

(17:45) How Nicole motivated her team to adjust to these changes

(20:40) The importance of leading with data in every situation

(23:47) Nicole’s operational shift error

(26:53) Nicole’s biggest learnings and takeaways

(28:07) Listener question: Where to allocate marketing dollars in demand gen today

(30:15) Decreasing ad performance in today’s market

(31:35) Hot take: 1 Marketer with 10 different roles isn’t the way to succeed

(33:59) How to leverage AI for every possible role today


Whats our integrated theme for our next quarter, and how are we gonna infuse this into everything we’re doing.

Try and focus on the overall pipeline health of the company rather than just our single individual business unit.

Putting the bigger picture together around the campaigns and the strategy behind this, has been able to help us really show the results of all the efforts together.

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