Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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You’re Watching Football Wrong, According to NFL Star Travis Kelce

NFL star Travis Kelce is throwing a penalty flag on your TV setup.

In a new campaign extension for DirecTV’s brand strategy platform “TV Without Compromise,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Super Bowl winner gets overly direct, telling viewers they’re watching football all wrong.

Through a series of spots, Kelce roasts fans for compromising on their sports-viewing setup, with DirecTV’s Sports Pack being the answer to all TV-viewing ills.

After all, if you are wearing team-themed face paint and can’t watch the game, that simply makes you a clown, Kelce quips.

And if you want to have friends over for a barbecue without feeling burned, the NFL star says DirecTV’s setup is the way to go.

The spots are a spinoff of DirecTV’s recent “Overly Direct Spokesperson” ads starring Succession’s Brian Cox, with Kelce filling the role of “Overly Direct Sportsperson.”

“I’ve loved seeing the DirectTV commercials over the years, and I’m honored to follow in the footsteps of several football legends that I also call friends,” Kelce said. “This is a fun campaign and showcases DirecTV as the ideal solution for football fans looking for a great viewing experience.”

In addition to Kelce, other talent featured in the campaign include Kansas City Chief’s defensive tackle Chris Jones and social content from TikTok star Reece Feldman.

Campaign playbook

The 360 campaign, which launches at the start of the NFL season, was created in collaboration with creative agency TBWAChiatDay LA, with direction coming from Jake Syzmanski, known for hit TV show Jury Duty.

“Travis is a good eight inches taller than Brian Cox. Nevertheless, those are big shoes to fill. All the more reason the whole team was incredibly impressed with Travis’ out-of-the-box charm, energy, and charisma,” Mark Winters, creative director, TBWAChiatDay LA, said in a statement. “He brought his A-game to set every day — and I think that really translates to the finished product.”

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