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Meet the Ultimate Guide to Email Gamification —

When email gamification performs, how to start off with it on the right foot, what benefits it brings, and what possible ways and tools there are out there to let you build gamified emails with little to no coding skills, at no costs — find the answers in our eBook “Ultimate Guide to Gamification in Email Marketing” that we released today. 

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Little intro

Studies and our personal experience — Stripo has spent the past few years investigating the role of gamification in email marketing, ways of using it, and ways to develop games — show that gamification is quite effective. Not only does it increase ROI by 300% and improve brand awareness, but it also helps brands maintain stronger relations with their contacts by engaging them through games.

From our personal experience, we know for sure that gamification development is quite expensive, time-consuming, and requires deep programming skills. These three points are the main reasons why most companies have not used gamification yet. But we learned how to optimize the time and development costs and build games with little to no coding skills.

And now we are sharing all these materials in the Ultimate Guide to help you give gamification a try and utilize it in email campaigns easily, at no costs, ASAP.

In the eBook, you will find:

  • results of investigations;

  • traits of a good game (from business and user’s perspective);

  • personal experience;

  • ready-to-use game mechanics.

Download the “Ultimate Guide to Gamification in Email Marketing” eBook for free.

Special thanks

Opinion leaders, who were among the first to give gamification a try, who use it in their emails quite often, kindly agreed to participate in the eBook creation process and share their priceless experience with us: 

We want to thank you for your invaluable contribution.

Engaging customers through gamification has never been easier

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