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Stripo’s 2021 Annual Report —

Hello everyone!

Here at Stripo, we respect traditions. This means that today, the last day of the year, we are reviewing 2021 and sharing with you some data that is important for us.

Before we dive into the stats and news, let me thank you for being with us all this time. Thank you for your help, for your time, and for choosing us.

Stripo 2021 in numbers

Yep, it is very predictable to start the review with numbers. But the numbers themselves are very surprising 😉

Stripo Stats_2021

  • 12 597 615 emails exported which makes 32 876 exports a day;

  • 1 191 617 emails created;

  • 23 888 AMP emails created, which is 4X times more than in 2020!;

  • 227 800 content modules saved;

  • 40 183 support tickets solved;

  • 24 minutes spent by a user on 1 email, on average.

You may ask why the number of exported emails is 10 times higher than the number of built emails. Because our users don’t need to always create those emails from scratch as they can copy, edit, and reuse previously built emails. This does speed up email production.

This is one of the reasons why on average it takes a Stripo user 24 minutes to build an email.

Customer success stories

In 2021, we ran a series of interviews with our customers. They shared what they liked about the Stripo editor.

It appeared that time saving is what they all liked the best. 

For instance, some users mentioned that now it takes them one hour instead of 16 to build and export an email to an ESP of their choice due to Content Modules and direct integrations. 

Not only did we ask our clients about what they liked, but also what they disliked or lacked in the Stripo editor. And once they shared their feedback, we hurried to add those features to the editor. They are listed below.

New features added

Even though we are now actively working on the new version of the Stripo editor, which I will tell you about later, we still manage to release new features to make the current version of the editor even more useful for our clients.

Integrations with new ESPs and bulk exports

This year, we integrated with 19 ESPs and CRMs.

But why would you care about direct integrations when you can download your email as HTML and import it into your ESP? Because direct integration eliminates the need to adjust email to an ESP after export — it is done automatically. 

Stripo Integrations 2021

Direct integration also enables bulk exports. What does it mean? You push any number of templates (say, 20) to your ESP with only a few clicks. In this post, we showed in detail how to do it.

Let me share my proud moment with you:

We now are the technical partners of Amazon AWS. In 2020, we became tech partners of AWeber, Mailchimp, and HubSpot. Sounds impressive, huh? 

400 new email templates

In 2021, we added over 400 email templates to our collection. Now there are almost 900 of them. 

Our templates are divided into groups and categories: Seasons, Types, Industry, and Features. Our collection has email templates for any purpose, of any type, and any holiday, including emails with AMP and interactive content. We have over 200 email template categories, 80 of them were added in 2021. In Stripo, you will definitely find a template that meets your needs.

Why did we do that?

Because our clients in their feedback mentioned that they find the templates useful:

  • some use them as a base for future email campaigns;

  • some use them to get inspired;

  • some even use templates for tests — to see how certain email elements render on devices with the Dark Mode.

Stripo Templates 2021

Our templates got 2.3 mln views in 2021 alone. 

The Stripo Email Translate option

Like we mentioned above, our clients shared with us what they liked about Stripo and what they wanted us to add to our tool. And the “Email Translate” option was one of them.

Now with this option, you can produce emails in 10 languages all at once. You design one single email, choose your source language and up to 10 target languages — and Stripo creates a copy of this email in 10 different languages. We use Google Translate for these purposes. But if you like, you can pull translations (provided by your staff translator) from XLS files right into emails — the system will put all texts into necessary parts of emails. This is just the beginning. We are going to develop our Email Translate service. Stay tuned — the magic is yet to come!

Smart elements

What are the Smart elements for? It allows building a product card with the design you really like with just a few clicks!

All you have to do is paste a link to your website, and Stripo by itself pulls product image, product description, and product name into your promo emails. You are welcome to use this option for email digests, as well.

What we do to maintain the stable performance of the editor

Even though we are working on the new editor, on the new features for the current version of the editor, our number one priorities are to maintain the stable performance of the editor and clients’ data protection.

Stripo_Safety and Improvements

To do so, we:

  • fixed 538 bugs;

  • found and immediately fixed 136 vulnerabilities;

  • passed the Security test by Bishop Fox.

The Stripo Academy

Onboarding is crucial. This is why we decided to launch our own online academy. There, we in detail explain to new users how to work with Stripo:

  • where to start;

  • how to work with Stripes, Structures, aka Rows, Containers, etc;

  • how to use Modules.

Put simply, we show how to get the most out of Stripo in as little time as possible.

The New Stripo editor

Last year, I announced that we had started working on the new version of the Stripo editor. This is a huge project that is almost finished. The new Stripo will be released in the Winter of 2023.

Given that we are releasing new options gradually and they are available on the “New Stripo” page, you can give them a try and see what the new editor’s gonna be like.

What’s the use of the new editor?

It’s gonna be more intuitive and simple, yet more flexible. Let me highlight just some of the most valuable features:

  • the real WYSIWYG editor — allows you to switch between the desktop, tablet, and mobile modes while you’re designing an email message in the editor;

  • Dark Mode UI — allows you to preview emails with the eyes of those subscribers who prefer the Dark Theme by switching the editor Preview mode from the Dark mode to the Light mode and back;

  • time- and cost-efficient email production — all the new features are aimed to let you build emails way faster than ever before;

  • the Email Accessibility precheck — color contrast, missing alt texts, improper alignment, etc. — the new Stripo will highlight all of those before you export an email template/message so that your emails are accessible to each and every subscriber of yours;

  • co-editing and commenting — like in Google docs. And of course, custom user roles and permissions — each colleague will have their role and level of access which you set to them according to their skills.

Give the new editor a try now  

Get started

Final thoughts

We are very grateful for another great year together. All the changes that we do to our editor are only possible because of your support and honest feedback. Together, we are building the most user-friendly and most convenient email builder ever. Thank you for your support and your feedback, thank you for being with us.

If you have any suggestions or concerns regarding the current or the new version of the Stripo editor, please let us know.

Share your thoughts with us 

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