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What Vegas Escort Service Promoters Taught Me About Marketing

I spent a long weekend in Las Vegas taking in the sights, trying my luck in the casinos (author’s note: not much luck was had) and eating great food. One of my favorite activities in Vegas is to simply walk the Strip. The “people watching” is fantastic, the hotels are beautiful and you really never know what you are going to see. As much as I enjoy this activity, I find one constant nuisance incredibly annoying–the slew of escort service promoters who incessantly flick cards featuring naked women at every passing man.

The main gripe I have with these promoters is that they bombard all men, seemingly regardless of demographic, environmental factors or any knowledge of their target market. Though I am in no way an expert in escort service go to market strategy, I feel that casting such a broad net cannot be an efficient use of time, funds or trees killed to create the “oh so classy” promotional cards. Where is the market segmentation?

Top 3 Marketing Lessons Learned from Vegas Escort Service Promoters

1. Know your target

Marketing 101! Collecting key information about your customers will teach you invaluable lessons about your target. Age range, marital status, income level, hobbies, professional information – all information that can be useful to you as a marketer. Ignoring this information will likely lead to a waste of your time, effort and money on a broad audience.

2. Listen

If 90% of people find your marketing tactics to be annoying or invasive, they probably are! It is essential to listen and incorporate feedback at every turn. The beauty of modern day marketing is that changes can be made in an instant – you should always be optimizing.

3. >Have the Goods to Back Up All Claims

While the scantily clad girls are all very attractive–my guess is, if I called their 800 number, the girl who would show up would look a lot different. In marketing it is essential that we do not oversell our products or services and that we are as honest as possible at all times. Transparency may not reflect the best method to market Vegas escorts, but I am sure it is the best way to market nearly anything else.

There you have it. I can find a marketing lesson in nearly anything! Thankfully, marketing for expansion stage companies will never land me on the strip handing out cards!

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