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User Spotlight: Interview with Sam Kwak

Welcome back Funnel Hackers! We are absolutely proud of our community every day. You are the ones who motivate us to improve so that you can all continue to enrich people’s lives with your products and services.

Sam Kwak, a successful serial entrepreneur, investor, and author, is with us in this episode. His goal is to help every American family experience financial peace of mind. He and his brother Daniel have developed a real estate and finance education empire.

In 2013, after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he set off on the journey. Sam described it as if a sleeping giant had suddenly become awake. Up until that point, he had never thought of the word “entrepreneurship,” Of course, there were many setbacks, difficulties, and sadness when he was working on something that, in the end, turned out to be unsuccessful. But he never gave up.

His story is very inspiring. He is an immigrant and came to America very young with his family. At the moment because of their lack of friends and family, language barriers, and lack of financial knowledge, they struggled economically.

“I remember moments when my parent couldn’t pay the bills and the heat was shut off for a couple of days. We would always struggle to find money to buy food. So the life that I grew up, in became a fuel for me to say; I want to figure this game of finance out”.

His constant thought was, “What can we do to improve our financial situation?” Because of this, he now wants to support Americans in developing the tactics and strategies necessary to reach the financial security he wishes he had as a child.

In his conversation with Laura, he goes into further detail about what he does in his company and how he got started using ClickFunnels. He explains that before 2019, he was an affiliate for another company, but they had a different vision.

They had a 15-20% refund rate when he started their company, so things weren’t looking well for them. Sam knew it was not the route they wanted to take, but he still wanted to stick with the less expensive choice. Everything changed when he saw Russell in a webinar in 2019 and he knew, that was the path to achieve the goals he had set. The refund rate went from 20% to 4% in just one month after they switched to ClickFunnels!

Sam is not only humble and inspiring, but he is also extremely knowledgeable about business, entrepreneurship, and finance. He is one of those individuals who will push and inspire you to continue working tirelessly on your business and yourself in order to succeed in what you want in life.

If you want your daily energy boost and to maintain your belief that anything is possible, you must watch this interview.

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