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Why Everyone is Talking About the PESO Model

The Synergy Between Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned Media

Now that we’ve established the importance of diversification in communication channels, let’s delve deeper into the unique strengths of each media type within the PESO model and explore how they can work together to create powerful synergies.

Paid Media: With paid media, businesses have the ability to control the placement and targeting of their advertisements. This means they can get their message in front of a highly specific audience, which can lead to improved conversion rates and ROI. Examples include PPC ads, sponsored posts, and display ads.

Earned Media: Earned media is all about credibility and reputation. It’s the publicity a business gains through organic means, such as news articles, interviews, and positive reviews. Since this type of media often comes from third-party sources, it can significantly boost a brand’s trustworthiness and authority in the eyes of consumers.

Shared Media: Shared media, or social media, provides businesses with a platform to engage directly with their audience. Through likes, shares, and comments, brands can create a strong online presence, foster a sense of community, and gather valuable feedback from customers. Social media can also amplify the impact of earned and owned media by sharing and promoting this content with a wider audience.

Owned Media: Owned media, which includes a business’s website, blog, and other branded content, is where the brand can truly establish its voice and authority. By creating high-quality, informative, and engaging content, a business can attract and retain customers, drive conversions, and improve SEO performance.

Integrating these media types within the PESO model creates a synergy that can significantly enhance overall marketing effectiveness. For example, a successful PR campaign can generate earned media coverage, which can then be shared on social media (shared media) and linked to from the company’s blog (owned media).

Simultaneously, targeted paid media campaigns can boost the visibility of the same content, reaching even more potential customers. This integrated approach reinforces brand messaging across multiple channels, resulting in a greater impact on the target audience.

To illustrate the power of the PESO model in action, let’s look at a hypothetical case study…

A tech startup launches a new innovative product and uses the PESO model to plan its marketing campaign.

They invest in paid media to generate initial buzz, leverage PR efforts to secure positive press coverage (earned media), create engaging content for their website and blog (owned media), and actively promote the product launch on social media platforms (shared media).

As a result, the startup is much more likely to enjoy a successful product launch, gain significant brand exposure, and attract new customers through a well-rounded, integrated marketing strategy.

The synergy between paid, earned, shared, and owned media within the PESO model is a key factor behind its effectiveness, allowing businesses to create powerful, integrated marketing campaigns that drive results.

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