Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Bing Chat Testing Image Recognition & Visual Search

Bing Robot Lenses

Microsoft is testing image recognition and visual search features in Bing Chat. This is where you can upload an image and ask Bing Chat questions around that image.

Bing has this for Bing Image search, it is named visual search.

Right now, Bing’s CEO Mikhail Parakhin said it is being tested on 5% of all searches.

He said this a few times on Twitter recently, he said, “We are flighting at 5% right now, if all goes well – will keep increasing.” Adding that it is not rolling out this week because they want “to make sure it is safe, aligned and doesn’t decrease quality of the regular chat.” He added, “Running the first flight for Image recognition right now. As we get confidence in quality and safety, will roll out broadly for everyone. Plugins are a separate story, should start flighting hopefully in a matter of weeks.”

Here are those tweets:

I do not see this myself but I suspect you’d be able to drag an image on top of the search box and ask a question:

click for full size

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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