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User Spotlight: Interview with Marchello Sciortino

This week’s ClickFunnels User Spotlight is one you don’t want to miss. It’s raw, powerful, and filled with inspiration.

We welcomed Marchello Sciortino to the spotlight, a ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Certification program member. He was 14 years old when he was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a rare disease that gradually caused him to lose his ability to walk. Although those were challenging times, he asserts that he currently has an “unfair advantage.”

His parents tried to get him financial aid for his disability, but it wasn’t right for him. In order to accomplish his objectives, he wanted to be self-sufficient and work for himself. And his family has supported him greatly and has been a big part of his path. His family is as incredible as he is! They helped him on his own journey, and Marchello sometimes works with his dad’s business to practice making funnels. 

Family is what makes power, huh?

He attended the Financial Aid for Disability meeting, but he didn’t think it was the appropriate fit for him, so he started looking for online income opportunities, and he discovered Rusell Brunson as a result of that quest. He requested financial support from his parents so that he may assist to FHL in 2011. It was fantastic and greatly expanded his perspective.

It’s tempting to overthink things, especially when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. And it’s easy to get stuck in that loop. But there are ways to fight against that tendency and ensure your time is spent as productively as possible. Marchello shares with many of us the tendency to overthink. And it’s crucial to fight against it like he does. 

He has had great experiences as a member of the CF Funnel Builder Certification program, and he currently has 10 of the 18 funnel certifications under his belt. His tenacity is motivating.

“You’ve got to push through it, stop overthinking, and I’ve learned much more than just how to do funnels,”

Marchello’s optimism and will to grow are genuinely outstanding. He completed the 2CCX coaching program last year while enrolled in his Funnel Builder Certification Program, and he said it was a blessing!

“Being part of the circle and seeing all the mentors is HUGE, is family wherever I go. Its amazing how much we learn from each other. A question you might think is so simple, it’s actually so powerful, a lot of times those questions are the ones that really help me out […]  Without a doubt I can see myself getting a turn for the investment of the programs and being part of the ClickFunnels community. I’m learning so much and there is no doubt in my mind that there will be a financial return too”

Best piece of advice Marchello share with us? Just go for it, no over analzying, no overthinking. Just build the funnel!

Inspiration, power, and resilience are the best way to describe Marchello.

What is keeping you from watching his interview right now?

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