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Astronomers Make Exciting Discovery Like Star Wars Planet

Star Wars planet
Illustrating BEBOP-1c orbiting around twin suns.

Image source: Scitechdaily


Famous astronomers and a team of BEPOP make a rather astonishing discovery. According to the astonishing discovery, astronomers detected a multi-planet system orbiting two suns.

Surprisingly, it’s a similar model presented by the Star Wars movie. The Tatooine planet in the movie orbits around two suns located at the Galaxy’s outer rim. Hence, similar to that fictional desert Star Wars planet, this  BEBOP planet also has two suns in the sky.

Star Wars Planet
Image Source Princeton University

What Leads to this Sparkling Star Wars Planet Discovery

Long before, astronomers started their quest to lurk near an already-known far far world. So far, scientists have discovered thousands of exoplanets. However, this revelation is unique, as a circumbinary system, including one planet and two suns, has come into the vicinity of our telescopes.

David Martin, an astronomer and Sagan Fellow at the Ohio State University says “Only 12 circumbinary systems are known so far, and this is only the second that hosts more than one planet.

astrophysicist Lalitha Sairam says in the announcement “As both stars orbit one another, they act like a giant paddle that disturbs the disc close to them.”

Moreover, this new world with a circumbinary system is known as BEBOP-1c. It’s an acronym for the Binaries Escorted By Orbiting Planets (BEBOP). Astronomers have been studying the system using Doppler and Wobble methods.

Star Wars planet
Twin suns of Tatooine Image Source ArtStation

However, this discovery was sheer accidental. Astronomers were studying another BEBOP planet found in 2020. At that time, the quest was only to find its companion exoplanet, TOI-1338b, to attain the mass.

Besides, this second planet completes the orbit around the twin suns in 215 days. Interestingly, the Star Wars planet-like exoplanet is 65 times heavier than the Earth. The quest remains to find a third exoplanet in the circumbinary system.

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